A core part of the firm’s Vision 2020 is to provide unsurpassed personal growth opportunities for our people throughout a collaborative and diverse culture.

We are committed to providing opportunities for global experience, whether as a self-initiated transfer to another country or an assignment to fill a temporary business need or staff a client project. Global experience provides an opportunity to cultivate valuable skills and attributes for addressing our clients’ needs, such as a broader mindset, cultural sensitivity, emotional resilience, or an ability to manage complexity or build relationships.

These skills are especially developed when working in other regions. Consultants and management services colleagues have transferred to another office location in more than 20 countries. More than 50 percent of transfers are at the analyst and associate levels. And many consultants are working on client engagements outside their home country.

Consider how mobility at A.T. Kearney could offer you an opportunity for unsurpassed personal growth!


What are my options for global mobility?

Consultants must meet eligibility requirements, including tenure and strong performance, to participate. Global staffing and mobility opportunities include the following:

  • Staffing role on client projects. Provides opportunity for assignment to other geographies for varying lengths of time, on client-based project assignments.
  • Transfer to local country employment. Facilitates business needs and personal preferences for a specified period, or on an indefinite basis to accommodate a personal request or fill an open position.
  • Assignment. Primarily fills temporary business needs, supporting strategic roles and leadership development for partners and principals, and building emerging/target markets.

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